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Braids By Onda


Welcome to my website.  My name is Onda and I was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I have been braiding hair for 17 years and recently began doing so on a professional level.  I am skilled in cornrows, box braids, interlocking, twists, bantu knots, straw curls, and hair weaving.  I do not perform any chemical processes.  Here you will find information on my style techniques and pricing.  Prices are listed by minimum charge, and do vary based on hair length and consistency.  Please contact me to make an appointment.



Hair is braided tightly down to the scalp in straight rows or creative designs.

Large cornrows start at $25

Medium start at $35

Small or designer start at $50

(add $10 for cornrows with hair extension)


Box Braids/Singles

Hair is separated into square or triangle sections and braided from root to end. (Listed prices suggest braids with hair extensions).

Medium start at $55

Small start at $70

Micro/Invisible braids start at $100


Bantu Knots/Two-Strand Twists

Bantu Knots: hair is tightly twisted and wrapped around itself then the ends tucked underneath the knot.

Two-Strand Twist: two pieces of hair are wrapped around each other from root to end.

Large $20

Medium $30

Small $40



Technique where hair extension is woven into cornrows using a latch-hook.

starting at $60


Hair Weaving:

(glue on technique) starting at $35-$60

(sewn in technique) starting at $45-$75


Straw Curls:

Hair is set on normal drinking straws to produce a tight spiral curl pattern.  Hair can be left unmeshed or extended out to a spirally fro.

starting at $35

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